Cancer healed: A man came to the healing rooms to receive prayer for an inoperable and incurable adenocarcinoma. He was prayed for as this was his last hope. A few days after prayer he went to the doctor and received the information that the carcinoma and the metastases connected to it were no longer visible in his scans. After three more CT scans there is no more eveidence of cancer in his body!

NEW: Knees healed: An older lady came with a walking stick and extreme pain in her knees. After prayer she no longer needed her walking stick and said her knees were completely healed.

Movement restored: A mother came to the healing rooms with her 3 year old son who had a neurological spastic condition in his right leg, which inhibited his movement substancially. The neurologist had said it would never get better, but could be prevented from getting worse. After prayer, the mother has since told us, that he is improving every day and is now able to ride a bike (formerly impossible) and is running. The neurologist and the physiotherapist are stunned at his improvement!

Cancer healed: A lady came to our healing rooms diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had an operation scheduled for the following week. After prayer she went to have her operation and the doctors could no longer find any sign of cancer. However they chose to proceed with the operation just in case. She declared that God had healed her.

Back healed: A young woman testified that a few days after prayer her back was completely healed. She had been in pain for many years.

Locked jaw healed: A woman came to the healing rooms with a locked jaw which she had had for two years. She was not able to open her mouth very much. During the prayer there was a loud snap in her mouth and immediately she was able to open her mouth completely.

Forgiveness heals: A man came to the healing rooms and was able to forgive his ex-wife for the pain she had caused him. He also started his new life with God.

Cysts dissapear: A lady with very painful and protruding cysts in her chest came to our healing rooms. After prayer she noticed that within a few weeks she could not feel any pain and she was also no longer able to find the cysts. Additionally her back was healed after prayer.

Blood disease: A lady came to the healing rooms because of a blood disease, which led to extremely elevated red blood cells and swelling of her spleen and liver. After two visits to the healing rooms her blood work and organs are normal again.

She also came to the healing rooms because of malignant growths in her breasts and after prayer the doctors can no longer find the growths.

God is the great healer!

Mobility restored after stroke: Another beautiful testimony of God's healing power. A lady came who had had a stroke 5 years ago and was unable to move her head freely. In the soaking room she felt heat in her body and the love of God. Suddenly she realized that she was able to move her head without limitation again!!!

Allergies healed: A young man came with allergies to fruit and nuts. He received prayer and later on went to eat an entire apple without any allergic reaction. Later that day he ate nuts and other fruit and had no negative reaction to them.

Hope restored: A lady testified that after prayer she had hope and peace in her heart again for her future.

Thyroid healed: A young woman came to the healing rooms with a Thyroid problem. She was not able to lose weight and had problems sleeping. After prayer she lost 5 kg in four weeks and was sleeping fine.She also no longer needed her Thyroid medication. After a few months a doctor confirmed that her blood work is normal.