Chris Pöschl is the leader of the Christian Healing Rooms Vienna and he is also senior leader of Four Corners Christian Fellowship. He is married to Starla and has four children. His desire is to demonstrate the work of Jesus even today and to equip Christians in their calling for God. As a teenager he was healed of an incurable skin disease and since then he has been pursuing the ministry of healing and the work of salvation through Jesus. Chris went to a school of healing in 2014 at the Bethel Church, Redding, California and has a certificate issued by the Christian Healing Certification Program of Global Awakening. He has a "Master of practical and applied Theology" from AMES Christian University and is ordained as a pastor with  the FCGÖ (Pentecostal church in Austria). He carries unity between the churches in his heart and is delighted that so many different churches are participating in the Christian Healing Rooms.