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Cancer cured: A man came to the healing rooms to receive prayer for adenocarcinoma in the colon . The cancer was incurable and inoperable. As a last hope, he asked for prayers and a few days later received confirmation from the doctor that the carcinoma and the associated metastases could no longer be found. Even after 3 more CT scans, no cancer is found.

NEW: Knee healed: An elderly lady came with a cane and severe pain in both knees. After prayer she was able to walk without pain and without a cane. She said her knees were healed!

Movement restored: A mother came to the healing rooms with her 3 year old son as he had neurological spasticity in his right leg. In addition, he had a drop foot and was therefore severely restricted in his movement. The neurologist said it wasn't getting better but they wanted to keep it from getting worse. After prayer we got the message from the mother that he has more mobility in his leg every day and can now cycle (previously impossible) and walk. The neurologist and the physiotherapist were very surprised.  

A young lady who had had back pain for years testified that after prayer she no longer had pain in her back.

Cancer cured: A lady came into the healing rooms with cancer in the lower abdomen. She had surgery scheduled for the following week. After the prayer she went to have the surgery done but the doctors found no signs of cancer. For safety reasons, the operation was performed anyway, but the lady said God had healed her. 

Forgiveness sets you free: A man was able to forgive his ex-wife for the first time, who had done him a lot of harm. He also began his new life with God. 

Thyroid healed: A lady came into the healing rooms with hypothyroidism. She could not lose weight and had trouble sleeping. Four weeks after the prayer, she no longer had trouble sleeping, had lost 5 kg and was no longer on her medication. Her doctor confirmed a normal blood count.

Allergy cured: A young man came to the healing rooms with an allergy to fruit and nuts. After the prayer he ate an apple with no negative reactions. At home, we still ate nuts and fruit of all kinds, but there were no more allergic reactions.

Cysts gone: A lady came to us with large, painful cysts on her chest. She got prayer and a few weeks later she couldn't find the cysts and her pain was completely gone. She will soon be examined by the doctor for confirmation.

Stroke: An incredibly beautiful testimony of God's healing power. A lady came who suffered a stroke 5 years ago and has not been able to move her head freely ever since. In our "soaking room" she felt warmth in her body and the love of God and realized that she could suddenly move her head without restriction!!!

One woman confirmed that after the prayer she had renewed hope and peace in her heart for her future.

Blood disease: A lady reported that she had a blood disorder, with swollen spleen and liver and extremely high red blood cell counts in the blood. She has been to the healing rooms twice for prayer and now has normal blood counts and organs.
The same lady had malignant breast lumps and came to the healing rooms one more time. The result is: Doctors can no longer find malignant nodules.
God is the great healer!!!

A young lady with locked jaw who had had it for 2 years came to prayer. In the middle of the prayer, there was a loud crack in the jaw and from then on she was able to open her mouth completely.

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